A Graphic Adventure - playing cards


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    A Graphic Adventure is a collection of 30 beautifully printed playing cards 5.5" x 4.25"

    Creating stories around subjects such as 'Resonance', 'Conflict', 'Disease', 'Love', and much more.

    With these cards you can:

    -shuffle them and watch a new story unfold

    -pick a few of them to create a subject to muse over

    -use as a creative tool, including interpreting musically or with another mediums
    (see "Graphic Scores - A Reader's Guide" for more explanation of this practice)

    Or simply enjoy the unique drawings and share these 30 beautiful art prints in any occasion.

    If you enjoy this pack and want more you can check out the "Expansion Pack"! With 10 evocative cards to add even more variation to the Graphic Adventure. Including 'Mother Nature', 'Lust', 'Regret', and a covid-19 reference, 'Clean'.